Marie Beuthel studied BA Intercultural Communication and Modern Languages and MA IT Product Design with an Interaction and Participatory Design approach at the University of Southern Denmark. Since 2013 she is working at the Design Research Lab the University of the Arts Berlin on different research projects mostly in collaboration with the Bundesdruckerei GmbH. In her participatory design workshops she encourages potential users and project stakeholders to be part of qualitative design studies. The methods used and developed are part of her dissertation in which she explores different tangible materials and their distinct values in co-creation situations.

Contact: marie.beuthel@udk-berlin.de

Anne Wohlauf studied Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. She joined the Design Research Lab, which is part of the University oft he Arts Berlin, in 2008. Now she collaborates with the Bundesdruckeri GmbH on projects that focus on security and identity management. This includes use cases like private and business traveling. She is experienced in conducting and analyzing participatory design workshops with potential users. She specialized in tangible interaction and ubiquitous computing and visualizes user needs in functional prototypes.

Contact: anne.wohlauf@udk-berlin.de